Rethinking Diplomacy

30 Jan 2018

French and German becomes FrenchGerman: Open dialogue for mutual understanding

6 May 2017

A former Président and Bundespräsident as Patrons for GFYL 2017

3 May 2017

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27 May 2018

Considered "Industry rising talent" by the French Usine Nouvelle magazine and an appointed ambassador of the diversity network "Balance for Business" at Airbus, Annelise is a role model in the historically male dominated defence sector. Describing herself as someone wh...

16 May 2018

Having lived, worked and studied in countries based in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Niniane is what you would call a "global citizen". Her current base being Zurich where she works for a cross-sector association that aims to establish Switzerland as a leadin...

22 Apr 2018

For a weekend in early April 2018, a GFYL delegation set out to discover leadership and European commitment in Autun, Easter France.

30 Jan 2018

The new year of GFYL started with an exciting opportunity for GFYL alumni to learn about the potential that digital tools can hold for the public sector and for overcoming the challenges of the world.

On 25 January, the Berlin-based German-French Young Leaders team wel...