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Past Participants

Our past participants include over 150 young leaders from France, Germany and Europe. We are proud to list a great diversity of backgrounds and professions of our participants, such as entrepreneurs, members of parliament, journalists, public officials, academics, business consultants or social activists. Those inspiring personalities and Young Leaders are bound by a common interest in finding new answers to the challenges of our time - in German-French-Relations and Europe, digital or otherwise. Take a look at the 2016 and 2017 editions.


Past participants are invited to become members of a growing network of alumni and to participate in GFYL alumni events throughout the year. Our alumni network further serves as a source for the recruitment of future participants.

Established in 2015

150 GFYL alumni

Great diversity of participants

Two successful conferences

Selection Criteria

Each German-French Young Leaders edition consists of about 80 participants. We are striving for an equal number of participants from Germany and France, as well as equality with regard to gender representation. Further, we aim at diversity in professional and educational background.


In order to be selected, participants must be:


  • German or French citizens or nationals of a third country residing in France or Germany

  • between 25 and 35 years of age at the time of the application

  • able to communicate in English fluently

  • committed to actively participate and contribute to the conference on all conference days during the event


Additionally, successful applicants meet some or all of the following criteria:


  • Proven record of excellence and leadership in their respective field of work. In many cases, this includes some professional work experience and a clear indication of a future leadership role in said field.

  • Strong record of civic engagement and commitment to society

  • Willingness and desire to actively contribute to GFYL's main event through a short presentation (TED-like talk) or workshop on a topic relevant to the main theme of the respective conference year. This implies strong interest and/or experience in the topics to be treated at the conference.


It is our pronounced goal to win new faces for German-French relations. While encouraged, participants neither require knowledge of the French and German language, or previous experience in German-French relations.

German, French or European

Between 25 and 35 years

Fluency in English

Committed to engage actively

Selection Process

Self-application: If you are interested in joining the next edition of the German-French Young Leaders Conference and meet the formal criteria, please apply until 31 March 2018 using the form below. As our conference is powered by your ideas and experience, you will be asked to answer a short set of questions about your background, interest in this year's conference and related issues. You will also be asked to provide a suggestion for a short topic for a presentation or workshop you would be willing to present or (co-)host. Please note that only some, but not all topics will be selected. 

Nomination: We draw upon the experience of GFYL alumni, our partners (key institutions in Franco-German relations including the Franco-German Youth Office), advisory board and GFYL members who are eligible to nominate potential GFYL participants. This is how we ensure a high quality, suitability and diversity of participants in our program. Nominated applicants will be asked to suggest a short topic of relevance for the respective conference that they would be willing to present. 


After the application period, 80 successful candidates will be selected, consisting of an equal number of self-applicants and nominees. 

Apply until 31 March 2018

Become a speaker

Animate a workshop

Nominate a participant

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