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Old friends, new leaders

The German-French Young Leaders (GFYL) Programme is an interdisciplinary platform for the new dynamic German and French leaders of tomorrow. Founded in 2015, the GFYL Programme targets young professionals with outstanding profiles in fields spanning business, politics, science, media, culture and administration who have been little or not at all affected by German-French relations and their neighbours across the Rhine. By doing so, the GFYL Programme integrates those high potential profiles into the French-German discourse.​ 


In cooperation with the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO), the GFYL Programme unites its efforts in annual German-French Young Leaders Conferences held alternately in France and Germany and exploring topics relevant for the common future of our two countries. 

The interactive conference with unusual and new formats brings together up to 80 young professionals aged 25 to 35 from the private and public sector.


​Our participants are exceptional personalities: individuals full of energy willing to take responsibility and to start new projects, who motivate others and who are thus able to reflect and multiply their positive attitude in society. Participants of the GFYL Conference are acting as multipliers who carry forward the friendship with their European neighbour by creating a dense, young and dynamic German-French network through personal and business ties. 

Our Commitments

We take responsibility for our common future.

We promote the idea of European unity.

We oppose any form of nationalism.

We are committed to secure the friendship between France and Germany as a driving force for European unification for future generations.

We want to use the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity for common progress.

We want to assure that digital progress serves the ideal of humanity.

Establish a deep & sustainable dialogue within the new generation


The GFYL Programme operates in the particular context of growing indifference with regard to the European idea and the German-French friendship, ironically linked to the many years of political stability between former enemies become allies. The lack of close contact with the neighboring country opens up a gap in which prejudices and alienation can develop. The GFYL Programme is promoting intercultural exchange and cooperation to establish a deep and sustainable dialogue among the new generation of highly motivated and skilled influencers from both countries – and in order to secure friendship between our countries for future generations.

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