Rethinking Diplomacy

30 Jan 2018

French and German becomes FrenchGerman: Open dialogue for mutual understanding

6 May 2017

A former Président and Bundespräsident as Patrons for GFYL 2017

3 May 2017

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30 Jan 2018

The new year of GFYL started with an exciting opportunity for GFYL alumni to learn about the potential that digital tools can hold for the public sector and for overcoming the challenges of the world.

On 25 January, the Berlin-based German-French Young Leaders team wel...

10 May 2017

Only some days before the 2017 edition of the German-French Young Leaders Programme, we talked to Julie, a business builder at Deutsche Ventures and co-founder of Keydock based in Berlin. As a Franco-German, Julie will contribute a very personal perspective to the Conf...

8 May 2017

With the 2017 edition of the German-French Young Leaders Conference approaching, we would like to meet our future participants and find out why the German-French relationship matters to them. We exchanged with Anuchika, a first-time GFYL Conference participant and futu...

16 Dec 2016

On 14 December GFYL hosted an alumni discussion on „The Truth Filter“ in Berlin. 30 young leaders and former GFYL Conference participants followed our call and explored the problem of fact finding and the creation of opinion in the digital age.

14 Sep 2016

On 5 September 2016, Rainmaking Loft hosted the event „La French Tech Berlin“ featuring the French Minister of State for the Digital Sector and Innovation Axelle Lemaire. Some of our Berlin-based GFYL alumni followed our invitation to listen to her thoughts on French T...

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