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It's 2021! It's digital. News from the GFYL Team

At the beginning of this new year, after a longer Corona break, we would like to inform you where the German-French Young Leaders Programme stands:

  • We are about to finalise a new business plan for the advanced structure of the GFYL Programme.

    • Central to this is a permanent bureau that should professionalise the organisation and

    • allow us to be in a closer contact with you as well as to

    • establish new formats with alumni, f.ex. ThinkGroups, bringing together your specific expertise on chosen topics.

  • A topic we want to focus on this year is „Smart and Digital Administrations“: How to bring better together solutions you work on and the administrations that could profit from them?

  • Before the end of the year we plan to organise our annual GFYL Conference.

We are looking forward to new inspiring ideas!

Your GFYL Team


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